Saturday, April 21, 2012

Please Read!

This blog no longer update since all links are invalid because data has been removed or moved by owner.
i will help you to search what are you looking for
Just Comment in this post.

Name Artist + Title .

please be patience wait my reply , thanks.


Anonymous said...

DBSK/TVXQ - Winter Rose

JEstayo said...

i love you even if i die gummy ..

Elena said...

How do I get the Ayumi files from here?
Will you be able to help?

Raven said...

Do you have the piano sheets for these songs? (:
City Hunter OST - It's alright
Kim Jong Kook - Loveable
IU - You and I
KARA - Mister
KARA - Step
Thank you! :D

仙后 said...

K.will-The tears are dropping
Baek Jiyoung - After a long time(Rooftop prince OST)
Baek Jiyong - Like Being Hit By a Bullet

Solcita Evans said...

Hi :')
Could you please give me if you have the sheets of Last Gift, Forever or never and Best place of SHINee?
Really thank you ~!

flowerbug said...

hi..i want to request for these songs:

sens- like a wind
doraemon song
jessica and onew- one year later
kim bum soo-bogoshipda
snsd-star star star
Younha - Oneul Heojyeosseoyo (Broke Up Today)

thanks so much

Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole said...

Hi :)
can i have the piano sheets for
baek ji young - that woman
hyun bin - that man

p/s : no vocal

thx :D

Anonymous said...

Could you help me find the following sheetmusic?
Today more than yesterday by Kim Jong Kook
No one else by Lee seung chul
I won't love by Baek Ji Young

You can reach me at

Blog Kelas Kami said...

Could you please to give me piano sheet younha broke up today? :D pleaseee...

Judy said...

Hi :-) How can I get the musics for Lee Seung Gi? THanks.

Indonesian PumpItUp Player said...

Hi, could you please give me piano music sheet for
Namolla Family ft. Baek Ji Young - Only want to see you (or also called Only You)

I will seeing for this blog everytime I can see , keep update! :D

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Kook - loveable
:D thanks

Deullie Sa said...

Could you find me all B1A4 song's piano sheet,if not can you find this 3 song piano sheet for me? Thanks~~

B1A4- Smile
B1A4-Because of you
B1A4-this time is over

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you help me find piano sheets for lee seung gi's songs? E.g Will you marry me, Like the first time, you in my memory and love taught me to drink..

Thanks a lot ! :)

Pls email it to me if you have at

Loan Nguyen said...

Hello~ Can you help me find the music sheets for f(x)'s Sorry (Dear Daddy)? I would prefer if you got it back to me no later than November 15 if possible, because I'm using it as my audition song. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

lee seung gi return
thanks :)

Felita Suharto said...

Hi, could you please share the lee seung gi 'return', thanks


Anonymous said...

1) Ali, carry on
2) Azu, for you
3) yi san, promise


李綺 said...


1)lee seung gi return


Isabella Commu said...


I would like to have One Fine Spring Day from Ryewook.

Thank you~!

Masroulina Sihombing said...

hello, do you have pianica or piano notes for

Kim Jong Kook + Loveable


Anonymous said...

If you still have:
Younha - She is

I would be very thankful to get it!

Anonymous said...

FT Island - Moonlight Angel, Distance, Missing You

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, could I please have

1) Cho Kyuhyun - Listen to you, The way to break up
2) Kim Ryeowook - If you love me more

Thank you!!

You can reach me at

Chip said...

Could you plz upload : No one else - Lee Seung Chul's sheet ?
Thank you !
My email :
Please :)

Angie Lee said...

hi could you upload bad girl - b2st
thank you!

Wes Zhang said...

Can you please send wei yi by wang lee hom please?

Shinta DK Wardhani said...

hi, may i'm new finding your blog, but can you help me for piano sheet JJ LIN's song ? if you have that file, please upload :) thanks before.

Anonymous said...

hi can you send me jay chou ove files? if you still have

The2ne1dara said...

hi, can you send me kim jong kook thank you and one man instrumental please.

Benjamin said...

Lee Soo Young - I Believe please... thank you >_<

Anonymous said...

mikazuki by ayaka >_< pls !

Anonymous said...

Hey! Can you please send me Yi San, Promise!? Thank you!

Juffyto D. Segovia said...

Hello can you send me the music sheet of love you - howl? thank you very much... please

Juffyto D. Segovia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juffyto D. Segovia said...

Hello can you send me the music sheet of love howl - love you? thank you very much... please ..... or

junie said...

can you please send me Utada Hikaru's Final Distance music sheet? Thank you so much!

Lc33 said...

Hi! Can you send me Yi San Promise sheet music?

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm also interested in Yi San's Promise music sheets. Thank you!

Quỳnh Nguyễn said...

Hi, I'm looking for Jacky Xue's Ni Hai Yao Wo Zen Yang, can you send me the piano sheet? My email is

Kenzo Lee said...

Hello! Can you please send me "I love you even if I die" by Gummy. My email
Thank you so much

Regards, Kenzo

Unknown said...

Hello :) Would it be possible to send me Gummy's song "Jugeodo Saranghae (I Love You Even If I Die)" on my email? it's :
Thank you very much ~ 

Triết Lê Văn said...

Time to love - T-ara please, thanks

Triết Lê Văn said...

Time to love - T-ara please, thanks

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