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Thursday, November 4, 2010

OPS Update!

Kpop sheet music

- 2ne1: apa (slow)
- gummy: jugeodo saranghae (i love you even if i die)
- iu & sung shi kyung: geudaeneyo (it's you)
- j-lim: jinjjail ri eobseo (it cant be real)
- j-lim ft. jokwon: heeojireo ganeun gil (on the way to break up)
- jyj: chajattda (found you) [RH]
- lee seung gi: jigeumbuteo saranghae (i love you from now on)
- park hyo shin: annyeong saranga (goodbye love)
- ft island: sarang sarang sarang (love love love)
- kim bum soo: ji.mot.mi
- lee sun hee: yeowoobi (fox rain) [my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox ost]
- brave brothers ft. jay park: ulgo shipdan marya (i want to cry)
- ryeowook: bomnal (one fine spring day)
- seo young eun: honjagaaninna (i'm not alone)
- shinee: lucifer
- u-kiss: mworago (what)
- yiruma: our same word
- yiruma: spring time
- yiruma: sunny rain
- 2pm: dollaoljido molla (she might come back)
- big bang: make love
- kara: honey
- kara: lupin
- kara: mister
- kara: umbrella
- kara: wanna
- kim jo han: sarangi neujeoseo mianhae (love is late, im sorry)
- lee seung gi: jeongshini nagasseottnabwa (losing my mind) [RH]
- mc mong ft. mellow: jugeul mankeum apaseo (sick enough to die)
- geureongabwayo (perhaps it is)
- 4men: sarang sarang sarang (love love love)
- battle: luv u
- cinderella's sister ost: title
- december: byeolidwaelgge (tears in heaven) [version2]
- & rain bi: aeini saenggimyeon hagoshipeun il (things i want to do once i have a lover)
- homme: babman jal meokdeora (i was able to eat well)
- jaurim: nakhwa (fallen blossoms)
- mc mong ft. seo in young: bubble love

jpop sheet music
- yamashita tomohisa: loveless

chinese pop sheet music
- peter ho: jia mian
Thursday, January 7, 2010


kpop piano sheet music
- goo hye sun ft. gummy: golmogeul dolmyeon (around the alley)
- hwanhee: shimjangeul nohchyeoseo (because i missed your heart) [RH]
- mc the max: byeol (star)
- mc the max: haebaragido gaggeum moki apeujyo (sunflower thorn hurts sometimes)
- mc the max: majimak sumsori (sounds of my last breath)
- nam gyuri: gipeun bameul naraseo (flying into the deep night)
- yg solo piano medley: wedding dress + you and i + heartbreaker
Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update Sheet music

K-pop Piano Sheet Music

- b2st: bad girl [RH]
- jang geun suk: goodbye [youre beautiful ost]
- jisun: ibyeol mothan ibyeol (a separation that couldn't start)
- lee soo young: nae ireum bureujima (don't call my name)
- miss s: haneuleso naeryeowa (descend from the sky) [RH] [youre beautiful ost]
- onetwo ft. seo in young (jewelry): motdwaenyeoja II (bad girl II) [RH]
- rumble fish: neo jeongmalini (are you serious) [RH]
- after school: neo ddaemune (because of you)
- ft island: haengbokhamnida (i'm happy) [RH]
- mblaq: oh yeah
- park da ye: eoddeokhajyo (what do i do) [you're beautiful ost]
- u-kiss: manmanhani (am i easy)
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update Sheet Music

jpop piano sheet music
- ai kawashima: arigatou
- ayumi hamasaki: moments
- ayumi hamasaki: part of me
- ayumi hamasaki: voyage
- ayumi hamasaki: you
- do as infinity: fukai mori (deep forest)
- gackt: last song
- gackt: longing
- gackt: redemption
- gackt: saikai story
- joe hisaishi: dawn flight
- joe hisaishi: dreams of a starry sky
- joe hisaishi: resphoina
- long vacation ost: piano piece of sena
- tomiko van: farewell
- tomiko van: senkou (lunar eclipse)
- tomiko van: yumeji (path of dreams)
- toshiko ezaki: sorezore ni
- x-japan: amethyst
- x-japan: crucify my love
- x-japan: rusty nail
- yukie nishimura: forever
Monday, December 14, 2009

Update sheet music

kpop piano sheet music
- boohwal: saenggakina (i thought)
- brown eyed girls: eojjeoda (how come) [RH only]
- brown eyed girls: sign
- brown eyed girls ft. lee jae hoon: oasis
- hwayobi: geureon ileun (such a thing) [RH]
- july: my soul
- kim tae woo: ggumeul gguda (dreaming dream)
- lyn: shilhwa (true story)
- moon ji young: dolabojimayo (don't look at me)
- park bo young: amado geugeon (perhaps that)
- seeya: geu nom moksori (his voice) [RH]
- yiruma: haggyo ganeun gil (ways going to school)

jpop sheet music
- joe hisaishi: summer
- yui: life
Sunday, December 13, 2009

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