Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Piano Notes Chart

Looking For A
Piano Notes Chart?

Here I’ve a got a piano notes chart for a couple of different things. There’s a chart for notes in the treble clef, notes in the bass clef, and a chart of the types of notes you’ll see on the clefs. If you need more information on how to read the notes, check out
read piano notes.

Treble Clef Spaces

Piano Notes Chart: Treble Clef Spaces

Treble Clef Lines

Piano Notes Chart: Treble Clef Lines

Bass Clef Spaces

Piano Notes Chart: Bass Clef Spaces

Bass Clef Lines

 Bass Clef Lines

Notes and Their Length

Here’s a chart of the different types of notes. You’ll see the amount of “counts” they get. (If you need more information on how to “count” in music, go to piano music notes.)

Whole Notes: 1 note = 4 beats.

Piano Notes Chart: Whole Notes

Half Notes: 1 note = 2 beats.

Piano Notes Chart: Half Notes

Quarter Notes: 1 note = 1 beat.

Piano Notes Chart: Quarter Notes

8th Notes: 1 note = 1/2 a beat

Piano Notes Chart: 8th Notes

16th Notes: 1 note = 1/4 of a beat

 16th Notes

If you’d like a diagram of which piano keys go with which notes, go to
piano diagrams.


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